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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Undeniable ghost pictures-exclusive!

Sincere apologies believers, for my lack of contact over the last few months. I have been keeping a low profile and had to stay under the radar, as a number of strange occurrences leads me to believe my actions are being monitored. I risk exposure with this post, but the images I received were so startling it was my duty as a paranormal scientist to share them.

These pictures were sent to me by Patrick Dawson of Allentown, Pennsylvania. Plagued by grief over the passing of his young son, Patrick spend days grieving at is graveside. While passing through the older part of the cemetery, he felt a sudden temperature drop and suddenly felt compelled to take pictures of his the surrounding tombstones. When he later viewed the pictures, eerie ectoplasmic orbs can clearly be seen flying around the graveyard.

I have examined many ghost photographs, some real, many bogus. These are by far the most convincing I have come across. Please, keep sending in your sightings. I am currently using an ip blocker, and hope to be able to keep fellow truth seekers informed.  

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